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Why ArmorVox™

Why ArmorVox™

ArmorVox™ Speaker Identity System Competitive Advantages

ArmorVox is the outcome of many years of research and development based on deep insights from “ethical hacking” of voice biometric systems for government, banks, and financial services. This work focused on breaking voice biometric systems and understanding their failure modes.  ArmorVox overcomes many of the limitations exposed though this process.

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ImpostorMap™ Technology for Enhanced Accuracy

ArmorVox ImpostorMap™ Tuning

ArmorVox ImpostorMap™ Tuning is a standard feature of the ArmorVox product. ArmorVox ImpostorMap™ Tuning is a standard feature of the ArmorVox product. This allows partners to automatically tune and optimize ArmorVox for the language, accent and dialects spoken by the population of enrolled speakers.  

Enhanced accuracy for each and every user enrolled on the system irrespective of language, accent or dialect

ArmorVox maximizes authentication accuracy for each user enrolled in the system, tailoring thresholds to the security performance of each voiceprint in the system.  This is an important distinction compared to the less precise method of tuning a voice database  for the overall population.  Our experience conducting “Ethical hacking” engagements shows that the majority of errors made by a voice biometric system are attributed to a minority of weak and vulnerable voiceprints. Maximizing performance on the overall system does not necessarily addresses the weakness and vulnerabilities of individual voiceprints. By focusing on maximizing accuracy for each speaker and – the performance of the overall system can be dramatically improved.

Speed and Throughput for High Volume

Designed for high volume cloud and enterprise security applications

ArmorVox was engineered for high throughput network, cloud and enterprise security applications. Implemented using multi-threaded software, ArmorVox can exceed 50,000 verifications per hour on an eight-core machine. This makes ArmorVox ideal for network, hosted, cloud and enterprise applications where a single ArmorVox server is used to authenticate users across a wide range of applications. ArmorVox supports federated identity management solutions as well as Whole-of- and Whole-of-Enterprise industry solutions.

The Complete Voice Biometrics Product

A Complete Authentication Product for Corporate and Enterprise Customers

ArmorVox is a complete voice biometric product that contains all the functions required by systems developers to integrate voice biometrics into applications, solutions and services.  ArmorVox incorporates a highly configurable database architecture that can use its own internal database or, if required, is configurable to use external and distributed databases.

Flexible and Upgradable

Upwards compatibility is built into the ArmorVox product, ensuring that the customers you enroll today will remain enrolled as the technology is upgraded.   For those users who wish to upgrade from a competing voice biometrics engine, ArmorVox comes with database migration tools help transition from an existing voiceprint database into ArmorVox.

Open API for Rapid Integration into IVR systems

A simple web-API and sample Voice-XML, Java and Perl code enable rapid integration with a wide range of industry standard Interactive Voice Response (IVR) platforms.   ArmorVox does not rely on speech recognition, allowing ArmorVox to be used with any traditional touch-tone applications (non-speech recognition).  ArmorVox can be integrated with any third party speech recognition technology or system irrespective of the language being used.  More on ArmorVox and IVR Systems.


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