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Using ArmorVox Voice Authentication for Automated PIN and Password Reset

March 26, 2012

Self-Service PIN and Password Reset

According to Gartner Group, more than 30% of calls to the help desk are for password problems.  Resetting PINS and passwords is a significant burden to many enterprise organizations, resulting in increased costs, compliance issues, and security vulnerabilities.

Enterprise employees calling into IVRs and call centers no longer need to verify their identity with a live agent by providing complicated codes, social security number, mother’s maiden name, badge number, or other personal information.

Finally, ArmorVox provides a practical voice-based identity verification system that reliably blocks impostors from entering vulnerable call-center systems. Callers can now reset system passwords by speaking a few words over the phone into a voice verification system powered by the ArmorVox™ Speaker Identity System.  Callers conveniently identify themselves by speaking their name, a simple phrase or random number.  ArmorVox verifies the caller and a new password is assigned – automatically.  

ArmorVox’s secure, automated PIN and password reset solution is easy to install and operate. For maximum flexibility, ArmorVox can be deployed as an integrated solution with VoiceXML platforms or provided as a hosted service.  ArmorVox is applicable for enterprise call centers and help desk applications for Financial ServicesHealthcare,Telecommunications, and Government agencies, and Mobile applications.

Benefits of automating PIN and password resets for internal IT deployments include:

  • Cost-Effective – Help Desk staff can spend valuable time on more complex customer problems or FTE’s can be reduced.
  • More Convenient – Callers find self-service solutions effective and convenient, with reduced hold times and immediate results
  • Improved Security – The threat of password theft is reduced due to stronger user verification
  • Affordable – ArmorVox software licensing options are more affordable and flexible than other voice authentication offerings.

Using the ArmorVox™ Speaker Identity System to power your automated PIN and Password reset deployment provides higher security and high quality matching to ensure identities of authorized persons, and rejection of fraudsters.   

ArmorVox Advanced features for PIN and Password include:

ArmorVox provides a practical and less expensive alternative to the competition and custom implementations. Working with experienced industry-trusted integration partners such as Secure Reset in North America and Leading Software in UK, you can be assured that your PIN and Password reset automation project is a success.

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About Auraya: Auraya Systems is the developer of the ArmorVox™ Speaker Identity System. ArmorVox is a voice driven security solution for voice biometrics systems integrators featuring: Identity Authentication, ImpostorMap ™ Tuning, and Impostor Rejection Technology. Auraya and Auraya’s Technology Partners deliver the ArmorVox Speaker Identity system and services for telephone, web or wireless services anywhere in the world and in any language. Visit for more information.

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