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ArmorVox™ Speaker Identity System

ArmorVox™ Speaker Identity System is a voice biometric software product, configurable for Cloud, CPE or Hosted Authentication Services.  ArmorVox is available for Microsoft Windows and Linux operating systems. 

The ArmorVox product download comprises four components:

 ArmorVox Core Engine Installer

Run this component to install and configure the core ArmorVox voice biometric engine and the associated UBM (Universal Background Models) that together implements the voice biometric function. Go back to list

ArmorVox Optimizer Installer

Run this component to install and configure the ArmorVox Optimizer that tunes the UBM’s and individual ArmorVox voiceprints to optimize performance for the linguist environment in which ArmorVox is to operate. Use ArmorVox Optimizer to automate security performance for the language, accent and dialect spoken by users registered on the ArmorVox voice biometric product. Go back to list

ArmorVox Client Software

 This contains sample Voice-XML, Java and Perl source code software, enabling developers to quickly integrate ArmorVox into their applications, solutions and services.  ArmorVox Client Software contains the Web-API routines and calls to perform standard registration and verification processes.  Developers can simply embed the ArmorVox software into their systems to implement a voice biometric security function in their applications. Go back to list

ArmorVox Quick Start Guide and Documentation

The download comes complete with a comprehensive package of documentation and User Guides to assist developer rapidly install, integrate and configure to the ArmorVox product to meet their specific application and security requirements. Go back to list

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