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ArmorVox™ and IVR Systems

ArmorVox™ and IVR Systems

How ArmorVox™ Fits into an IVR System

ArmorVox™ performs enrollment or verification tasks, by comparing the voice sample against the voiceprint for that speaker and delivers the result (typically pass, fail or not-sure) back to an interactive voice response (IVR) system.  Typically, the IVR uses this result to direct the dialogue to the caller (for instance, asking the caller to repeat if a “not-sure” result is returned for example) and communicating with the application to facilitate access based on the authentication result.

ArmorVox in IVR

Interactive Voice Response

IVR is a technology that allows a computer to interact with humans using voice. In this configuration, the caller calls the IVR system.  It accepts the telephone call and delivers the voice response to the caller.  The IVR may also implement speech recognition functions to enable the caller to use spoken input to provide information.  

IVR and Business Applications

The IVR systems often interact with business applications to provide information, facilitate payments and so on.  For example, IVR systems can interact with credit card payment systems to implement credit card bill payment applications or banking back office systems to implement telephone banking services. 

Typically, but not always, the IVR system may serve as a front-end to call centers,  enabling callers to be transferred to call center agents for process by human interaction. Often information captured by the IVR system, such as account numbers and information about the type of enquiry is used to present the caller’s information to the agent when transferred. The agent has all the information ready to assist in the call.   

ArmorVox used in IVR to verify caller identity

In this application, ArmorVox provides voice biometric verification of the caller’s identity.  The result is used by the IVR in a variety of ways.  For example, in telephone banking services, it authenticates before allowing access to banking transactions.   In contact centers, it authenticates identity ahead of passing the caller through to the call center agent eliminating the need for the agent to ask personal identity questions.  

In help desk application, ArmorVox authenticates identity before resetting PINs and passwords.

Integrating ArmorVox and IVR Systems  

ArmorVox typically integrates with telephony and voice systems, such as an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system through a Web application programming interface (API). 

Available as a secure download for authorized partners, ArmorVox is available for Microsoft Windows and Linux operating systems.  ArmorVox supports multi-threaded operation for high throughput applications.

ArmorVox integrates with applications, services and solutions developed by partners via a well-defined Web API.  This enables ArmorVox to be easily integrated as a “security feature.”


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