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Protecting call centers from impostor intrusion

Telecommunications security specialists favor new technology tools that verify account holder identity without sacrificing user convenience, efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Fast verification, large database

ArmorVox™ delivers high throughput, and strong identity authentication for telecommunications carriers.  Our patented technology rapidly processes large voiceprint databases, protecting the consumer while streamlining their call center experience.  For many years, the Auraya Systems team, makers of ArmorVox™ Speaker Identity Systems, has deployed voice biometric solutions in aArmorVox™ Speaker Identity Systems number of forms, such as:

  • Security capability in the network
  • Managed service provided by telecommunications carriers to business customers
  • A solution to enhance the carrier’s own customer services

Speaker identity verified when accessing network applications

ArmorVox can be deployed to provide strong but convenient voice biometric security for a range of telecommunications services.  ArmorVox can be used to secure voicemail, secure access to mobile and cloud services and secure mobile devices.  For many users, lose your mobile phone and you lose your sensitive personal information, your access to social networks and access to your messages and voicemail.  But with ArmorVox deployed as a network security solution, if it is not you (your voice) accessing a service, authentication is denied and the security and privacy of personal information preserved.

Providing authentication as a service

Carriers may provide identity authentication as a service, using ArmorVox embedded in the call center application.  In much the same way as the ANI (or CLI) identifies the calling telephone, ArmorVox allows carriers to authenticate the identity the actual caller.  This enables carriers to deliver “Caller Authenticated Calls” (CAC) to business, and corporate customers eliminating the need to manually authenticate callers.  This helps carriers save money, enhance convenience and meet their security compliance requirements.

Authentication used in off-shore services

ArmorVox also enables carriers to assist their customers meet their increasingly stringent privacy requirements for off-shore operations.  In many countries, privacy law seeks to restrict the trans-border flow of citizens’ sensitive personal information as a way of protecting citizens’ personal information from theft or misuse in foreign jurisdictions outside of their control.   By using ArmorVox to authenticate callers “in country” in accordance with local privacy legislation, carriers can then forward calls off-shore, anonymously, with the personal information blocked but with the assurance that the caller is indeed the legitimate caller.  This way, organizations such as banks, financial services, and services providers can comply with stringent local privacy requirements, while benefiting commercially from low cost off-shore operations.

Tighter security and happy customers

Telecom customers want exceptional service.  Telecom firms need to maintain security and protect private information.  ArmorVox provides an ideal solution to help meet both objectives.  For example, as an alternative to PINs and passwords for account access, a system implemented with ArmorVox allows customers to simply say “My voice is my password” (a standard phrase), in any language they choose.  That’s it!  No PINs.  No passwords. No special tokens.  Further, this capability can be extend to all customer services channels – telephone,  Internet or on the mobile device itself.  A single phrase for all customer service!  Simple and convenient.

In action

One telecommunication carrier sells “authenticated” telephone calls coming into its nationwide call center to its customer, in this case a agency. Pricing is based on the standard per minute/per second rate, plus a premium if the call is delivered as an “authenticated caller.”  The business case is simple! The customer “buys their savings” – that is they only pay the premium if the call is “pre-authenticated.” 

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