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Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps

Your Mobile Voice is Stronger than PINs and Password

The ArmorVox™ Speaker Identity System can be integrated into mobile applications, enhancing the privacy necessary to protect your personal information. Your voice becomes the key to unlocking secure applications that aren’t yet available on your phone – providing secure access to personal information that’s stronger than PINS and passwords.

Securing access to private information via mobile devices

So central has the mobile device become to our everyday life that to lose a mobile device either through being misplaced, stolen or just borrowed can have profound consequences for our personal and professional lives. Secure access and protecting the personal and confidential information at the heart of mobile services is now central to the continued growth and adoption of mobile services.

The past few years has seen the mobile phone market explode. Next year downloads are expected to exceed 50 billion, up from just 7 billion in 2009.  In just a few years, the mobile phone has gone from being a simple mobile voice communications device to being central to our everyday lives, connecting us to friends and family through email, messaging, twitter and social networks, to entertainment through music, video and games, to services through mobile banking, payments, financial, healthcare and services.  Increasingly the mobile phone is also our connection to work and professional lives providing access to corporate data, confidential information and reporting. 

Confirm the Speaker is the Authorized User

ArmorVox provides the ideal solution to protecting access to mobile services. Using a lightweight voice capture client embedded in the mobile application, voice can be used to quickly and conveniently authenticate that the user of the application is actually the authorized user.

In this mode, the voice is captured by the client software embedded in the application and communicated to the ArmorVox server (which is installed either in the cloud or by the secure service provider) via the data channel.  To open an application, the user simply speaks their pass phrase (such as “open sesame” or “my voice is my password”) into the mobile phone and the voice sample is communicated across the data channel to the ArmorVox system to authenticate the user and grant access.  Communicating in this way across the data channel (as opposed to the voice channel) overcomes many of the issues attributed to voice data compression and packet loss within the voice communications channel, making our voice verification process highly reliable and robust.

The ArmorVox architecture also allows mobile applications developers to tap into “voice authentication as a service.”   For example, mobile phone social networking log-ins (such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn) could all be protected by a single ArmorVox system operating in the cloud.  In this example, the voice capture client at the front-end of these social networking applications would communicate the captured voice sample to ArmorVox to confirm that the speaker was the authorised user and initiate access to the social networking service.  This does not interfere with the applications itself. Nor does it replace the traditional login process. But it does provide an additional layer of security over the top of the applications that are permanently logged and connected on to protect them from unauthorised access.

 And with the emergence of voice capture plug-ins (such as Phono from Voxeo Labs) becoming a standard feature of the next generation of PC and mobile browsers, integration of ArmorVox voice biometric security into everyday applications has just become even simpler. 

In Action

ArmorVox voice biometrics offers a simple yet highly effective solution — to protect sensitive personal information in an increasingly mobile world!

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