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Identity verification in Healthcare Services Organizations

With an aging population and shrinking budgets, healthcare providers are under increasing pressure to improve healthcare services whilst increasing efficiency, reducing costs and complying with regulations to protect confidential patient health records. 

Authenticating user access to confidential information

ArmorVox™ helps healthcare administrative and security teams by providing an effective and convenient way to authenticate access to records, facilities, IT systems and more.

Many applications:   Help desk, patient records, time and attendance, facilities

ArmorVox can be integrated with help desk functions to automate password reset, issuing one-time password or security credentials for access to sensitive information such as patient records or Human Resources.  ArmorVox provides additional security to ensure highly sensitive personal information contained in HR records may be accessed solely authorized administrators and staff.

ArmorVox can be integrated with location and timesheet services to streamline contractor management and supervision by providing, in effect, “a voice biometric time card solution.”  ArmorVox can provide a centralized authentication facility using the contractors’ own mobile telephones to provide a highly effective and efficient solution to managing distributed contractor teams.  These make ArmorVox ideal for management of health support contractors, such as cleaners, laundry contractors, catering staff, gardeners and facilities management. ArmorVox can be extended to provide identity authentication for rostering, facilities management and access control.

In action

ArmorVox is now being deployed into health support services to streamline access to IT support and other facilities.


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