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ArmorVox Identity Verification for Defense Intelligence and Law Enforcement

Government, law enforcement and intelligence agencies are bolstering their high tech identity verification methods. Security breaches, identity theft, and fraud are at epidemic levels (and likely to rise as economies struggle) and the pressure is on to deliver more effective and efficient services to their citizens despite reduced budgets and funding. Traditional PIN, password and personal information question methods are vulnerable to theft and deception.

Accessible, Convenient and Secure from Anywhere

ArmorVox enables government welfare and benefits agencies, law enforcement, intelligence and forensics communities to deliver efficient yet highly secure self-service applications via the telephone, web or mobile devices. Using ArmorVox, agencies can eliminate the need for PIN, passwords and personal information to access on-line services, instead authorizing secure access based upon a user’s voice.

How it works

Like a fingerprint, voice is unique and thus provides a powerful mechanism to authenticate identity. Unlike fingerprints, special readers or hardware are unnecessar.  ArmorVox Speaker identity verification can be accessed from any telephone, whether mobile, landline or IP telephony.  Accessing secure services can be as simple as a citizen calling into the system, saying their social security number, access code or other information to confirm “they are who they say they are.”  And there is no need for citizens to keep this information confidential, as it is the user voice that ArmorVox uses and not the information itself.  Thus, if callers are using stolen identity credentials ArmorVox can block access and record the “voice biometric” for future forensic analysis.

Further, because ArmorVox does not rely on citizens remembering complex PINs and passwords, there is no need to maintain costly (and potentially highly insecure) systems to re-issue them when forgotten. When ArmorVox is used to secure contact center services, it eliminates the need for user to answer personal information questions. That speeds delivery of services and user convenience while minimizing vulnerability to theft of services.

In action

ArmorVox is used by the New Zealand government to verify access to taxation and social welfare service.  For the citizens it offers higher security, yet is simple to use. 

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