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Auraya granted US Patent rights for ImpostorMaps

July 10, 2015

Adding to its growing portfolio of voice biometric patents; the US Patent Office has granted Auraya Systems patent protect for its innovative ImpostorMaps™ voice biometric security calibration and validation technology.

“ImpostorMaps™ is a technology that allows an organisations to confirm the security performance of their voice biometric solutions prior to deployment and after deployment.” explained Dr Clive Summerfield, CEO and founder of Auraya Systems.

“In effect, ImpostorMaps™ is a technology that simulates a massive hacker attacks on a voice biometric system by using the voice samples from legitimate speakers to surreptitiously break into other peoples’ voiceprints enrolled on the system”, Dr Summerfield said. “This way, the ability of a user’s voiceprint to repel other peoples’ voices can be confirmed and, hence, the security performance of the voice biometric system can be continuously validated”.

Originally developed to prove the veracity of voice biometric deployments in mission critical applications in Government, banking and financial services; ImpostorMaps™ is an integral feature of ArmorVox and can be used to not only validate systems in use but also to confirm the security performance of a voice biometric solution prior to commercial roll-out.

“This is important”, says Dr. Summerfield; “as end-users, such as Government agencies, banks and financial services organisations need to be confident that the voice biometric solution will withstand a “massive hacker attack” prior to release into commercial operation”.

About Auraya: Auraya Systems is the developer of the ArmorVox™ Speaker Identity System. ArmorVox is a voice driven security solution for voice biometrics systems integrators featuring: Identity Authentication, ImpostorMap ™ Tuning, and Impostor Rejection Technology. Auraya and Auraya’s Technology Partners deliver the ArmorVox Speaker Identity system and services for telephone, web or wireless services anywhere in the world and in any language. Visit for more information.

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