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ArmorVox™ Technology Road Map – Through Q1 2012

November 22, 2011

Upgrades include:  Text-independent, external database support and no need to re-enroll speakers

The next 6 months offer exciting opportunities for ArmorVox™ application developers.

ArmorVox Speaker Identity System is currently based on Release 6.2.2 of Auraya Systems proprietary core voice biometric engine and tuning technology.  This technology supports text-dependent voice biometric authentication via Auraya’s standard Web-API and is available for immediate commercial application.

Our next ArmorVox™ release, scheduled in Q1 2012, incorporates enhanced flexibility and functionality.  Based on release 7 of Auraya’s proprietary core voice biometric technology, this upgrade provides all the functionality of earlier versions plus text-independent voice biometric authentication for unstructured conversational speech.  Release 7 also incorporates support for for 64 bit machines and external databases – MySQL and SQL Server as standard (for others please enquire).

And, rest assured, like all previous versions of ArmorVox™, applications developed using Auraya Systems earlier versions are upwards compatible to ArmorVox Q1 2012 release.  This enables developers to develop and release applications based on ArmorVox today, knowing that they can then seamlessly upgrade from one version to the next without the need to re-engineer applications or re-enroll speakers. 

Further ArmorVox™ Transition Tools help Partners transition existing voice biometric applications solutions and services from their existing technology vendor to ArmorVox without the need to re-enroll speakers. 

More developments are in the pipeline – so please check back on a regularly basis.

Contact Auraya  if you are looking to upgrade existing applications solutions and service to ArmorVox.

About Auraya: Auraya Systems is the developer of the ArmorVox™ Speaker Identity System. ArmorVox is a voice driven security solution for voice biometrics systems integrators featuring: Identity Authentication, ImpostorMap ™ Tuning, and Impostor Rejection Technology. Auraya and Auraya’s Technology Partners deliver the ArmorVox Speaker Identity system and services for telephone, web or wireless services anywhere in the world and in any language. Visit for more information.

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