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Reflect the speaker.
Deflect the impostor.

ArmorVox™ Speaker Identity System is a voice driven security solution for voice biometrics systems integrators featuring

  • Patented ImpostorMap™ Tuning
  • Impostor Rejection Technology
  • Identity Authentication
Biometrics Consulting

ArmorVox™16 – the world’s only Universal Core Voice Biometric Engine

Auraya Systems is the developer of ArmorVox™16, the world’s only Universal Core Voice Biometric Engine.  Based on Auraya’s patented Speaker Adaptive Core Voice Biometric technology and proven in the world’s largest and most successful applications in Government, banking, financial services, healthcare, telecommunications, smartphone security, law enforcement and national security;  ArmorVox™16 implements all voice biometric modes (text-dependent/text-independent/text-prompted/speaker identification and gender detection) in a single software license.  So if you are implementing active or passive authentication system; speaker identification or gender detection solutions; or a combination of these; all you need is a single ArmorVox™16 License.

Who uses ArmorVox?

Organizations secure private information and transactions using the ArmorVox™ Speaker Identity System embedded within partner-developed authentication solutions.

Why ArmorVox?

Our team developed advanced voice identity verification tools as a result of more than 20 years of consulting and implementation experience in the world's largest voice security deployments.

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